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Salud Colectiva

  • Abbreviation: SC
  • ISSN: 1851-8265
  • Editor in chief name: Hugo Spinelli
  • Language: Spanish - English
  • Journal home page:
  • journals' publisher: Universidad Nacional de Lanús
  • Facebook: RevistaSaludColectiva
  • Twitter: SaludColectiva

Salud Colectiva is an open access peer-reviewed journal. It was founded in 2005 with the purpose of creating an editorial framework for critical thought in health. The journal publishes original articles that, using different disciplinary lenses and different methodological and conceptual approaches, address the complexity of social processes and the particularities and interests of the diverse actors making up those processes. 

Salud Colectiva is indexed in the following databases: Web of Science - Journal Citation Reports | SCOPUS | MEDLINE - Index Medicus | SciELO Public Health | SciELO Argentina | DOAJ | DIALNE T | Redalyc | HAPI | EBSCO | ULrichSWEB | CLASE | LILACS | BINACIS | LATINDEX | Núcleo Básico de Revistas Científicas Argentinas.

In 2017, the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), based in Sweden, has awarded Salud Colectiva the DOAJ Seal.

For more information about the journal see Why publish in Salud Colectiva?